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Answer Engineering Mission

We are an aviation & aerospace engineering consulting firm. We provide design, development, and analysis services to aerospace companies throughout the world.

Our core competencies revolve around new product development, structural design, analysis, and certification (CFR Part 23, 25, 27, 29, and 400). We tackle the most complex design and analysis issues challenging our customers. We strive to become integral members of our customer's team, working together to answer difficult questions efficiently through quality engineering.



Answer Engineering has worked hard to build a team of exceptional individuals motivated by technical challenges. On the engineering side, we have a front row seat in the development of the air and spacecraft of tomorrow. On the lifestyle front we promote learning, community, and freedom. Company discussions take place in the open where everyone may contribute freely and openly. 

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After working in industry on a number of different programs, Answer Engineering’s founders, Kasey Baker and Dr. Dennis Olcott, sought to bring their breadth of experience, drive, and engineering success to the rest of the aerospace community. Charging forward with that mind set, Answer Engineering remains dedicated to tackling the toughest engineering challenges for our customers. Our business model is one of ownership, investment, and partnership with our customers and their internal teams.

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